Instagram is no longer available for the users of Windows Phone at the Microsoft store


The company adopted Facebook for the past few months pushed many updates to apply Instagram on the platform of Windows 10, only that in the end, the police removed the application Instagram from the Microsoft store which means that the app will not be supported for the users of Windows phones 10.

According to the published site mspoweruser American, said one of the users to apply Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile is no longer available in the store, and when he tried to re-install the app note that it is available only for computers and not available for smartphones, but at the same time, the app will still work on smartphones that have the app already installed on them, but that means he won’t get new updates anymore.


On the other hand, the company revealed Facebook earlier that users of the Instagram will soon be able to download all of the data collected by the application about them, in the light of the latest controversy about how to share Facebook data of its users with other companies, the spokesman confirmed Instagram to the site “TechCrunch” American that the app will be a new tool, similar to those provided by Facebook, which will allow users to download all their data.

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