Instagram introduces feature calls video aesthetic to its users

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Explained platform to share photos, Instagram recently that has more than million active users, and, accordingly, the service owned by Facebook does not plan to slow down the pace to add new features, including the latest attempts to rival Messaging platforms video like Snapchat and FaceTime FaceTime, have begun to provide the call feature video aesthetic to its users, a feature that was officially announced during the Developers Conference Facebook F8 Developer held events during the month of May.

Comes put this feature in the wake of the launch of the home Service TV Instagram IGTV custom videos long competition to watch the YouTube video, with up feature calls video collective for all users on iOS and Android, which allows up to four friends to trade with within the video call by clicking on the camera icon new develop Instagram Direct, as well as adding new features were announced previously such as the new design for the tab “explore” and the themes of the channel and effects the camera new.

Hopes of home, with features such as the succession of news feed stories, messages, broadcasting, Direct TV, Instagram IGTV calls, via video, to become a comprehensive place for all social needs for its users, numbering a million people, where it seems that this massive expansion in the organization’s performance over the past two years is paying off, as the average use of the application within the United States, from 29 minutes per day during the month of September 2017 to 55 minutes now.

This increase in time in app increase in the number of views and revenue potential for the service of the company Facebook, valued according to analysis by Bloomberg of about $ 100 million, after it was acquired by Facebook less than a million dollars in 2012.

Is considered one of the useful features within the video chat with the other people in Instagram is the possibility to minimize the window and continue browsing the platform without having to end the call, which opens new opportunities for trade with friends, it can be a larger number of friends to join a group video call, with the possibility to mute those friends in case you don’t want to get more invitations to calls.

And Instagram the possibility of a video call that includes 4 people at one time, besides browsing, while the video chat collective within the snapchat application can include up to 16 people at one time, in addition to the possibility of expanding to 32 people participate in a voice, while allowing Messenger Facebook video call group of 6 people with the expandable limit of 50 people participating in my voice, the FaceTime app, it enables video call and comprising 32 people with.

Also introduced the region also has a number of features that it promised during the F8 conference Developer, where it is now to divide the page “explore” Explore to the slices to view a variety of channels and topics that reveal related content, the Users tab 200 million users a day watching in the arena of Content common to random relevant to their interests.

While watching the users are now the group arranged in the horizontal channels in the top of the page “explore”, including a group dedicated for the user are classified in algorithm, in addition to other groups such as art, beauty, sports, and, depending on the content that interacts with the user regularly, and users can navigate between categories to, and then scroll up to view more posts.

Removed product feature the story of page “explore”, with her talk about the intention to re-story to the page in the near future, and can facilitate pages explore enhanced the possibility of discovering the makers of the content is new, where the issue of increasing the audience and content makers is crucial for the Inter, so with its attempt to make its application their favorite compared to applications and competition.

The app to put filters en allocated to and by external actors, such as celebrities and influencers, which enables the application Instagram for the first time the possibility to create these filters by third parties, so as to allow these filters, and similar lenses, snapchat, upload photos to the photo immersive with the effects of the objects and the virtual, as added region option allows the user to get the candidates of virtual reality in a picture or a video clip published within someone else’s story.

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