Instagram could allow elevation videos duration hours full

In the last five years raised the Instagram limit videos to 15 seconds to 30 seconds and then to 60 seconds.

I didn’t provide a service to the Instagram sharing feature video clips first time in the month of June 2013, I was the maximum duration allowed is only 15 seconds, the host then the appropriate service “fine” Vine owned by Twitter that did not hold up in the competition were closed early last year.

Then worked Instagram, owned by Facebook, to increase the permitted duration, raising the limit to 30 seconds and then to 60 seconds, and now it seems that the company is thinking of increasing to 60 minutes, a full hour.

According to the Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources that the Instagram considering launching a feature that allows users to upload videos lasting up to an hour, to be videos of the joint in the vertical position, not horizontal.

WordPress in a newspaper report that Instagram had already started talking to content creators on “the production of long video”. If it was confirmed, it is the launch of the water inside the app Instagram, though the sources also said that there is no sure thing even now.

But why are you thinking about Instagram in increasing the duration of the video! In my opinion, that the company, after the consolidation of Understanding on snapchat through a feature story that launched the beginning of the month of August 2016, I started thinking about creating a new competitor is youtube, as it is said that Facebook didn’t work out after to be a strong contender for the biggest video sharing website on the Internet with it’s sought in the past two years to that strongly.

Although Instagram count on the large user base that it holds, which Number more than 800 million monthly active users, according to figures announced by late last September, except that the report of the Wall Street Journal reported that video long will a vertical position only, which makes the victory for YouTube that provides deployment-time video both vertical and horizontal.

However still need to the possibility to watch the long video required on Instagram, particularly to users currently resort to chopping the videos long. Then the company may satisfy what you earn from the advertisers ‘ ads in video clips, that the longer increased the duration that users spend on the app.

Do you think that increasing the duration of the video on Instagram required? Share your opinion the comments.


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