Instagram choose night mode on the Android and iOS

Years ago and different applications that support Night Mode or dark or dark, but recently this feature has become supported by the operating systems Android and iOS, and Facebook the most notable absentee from this support, they actually began to move from the gate of Instagram, the

I started Instagram is testing a new design for their application offers a feature Night Mode, This Al dark will be shown not only in the iOS version 13 and Android 10 that support it, but even in the older versions.

If your operating system supports night mode, the version number of Instagram will pay directly and automatically to this mode appear in black instead of white.

And the Instagram mode night in Samsung phones screen super for justice by Android Bay.

I didn’t reveal Instagram about the arrival of the night mode officially for all users, and what are the supported versions of operating systems, but let’s hope it doesn’t take long because apparently the use of black instead of white shows the beauty of the sound more, especially in screens for.

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