Instagram challenge app adds video calls Sha

Instagram challenge app adds video calls Sha

This feature talked about since last January, has been under test throughout this period, the beginning of the day will allow for the user to apply the Instagram access to feature video chat new.

New features in Instagram

Through the tab your messages, you will see the icon of a video camera in front of every user in the list of friends, from here you can request a video call audio and video.

Most of this you can enter in a group video call with a maximum of four friends.

Instagram also added a new channel under the name (topic) in the tab discovery, where you can follow the themes preferred you in different areas such as beauty, health, sports, politics, etc .

You can also mute the emergence of these topics on the timeline of your at any time .

In the sideburns shall : Instagram up to a million users and the application IGTV new

Relationship to the above, the extra Instagram some new effects through the camera app .

Previous updates are all included in the latest version of the app to my shop Apple and Google Play .

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