Instagram allows you to re-publish stories that you remember through your stories

On 17 May last, announced Instagram about a new feature that allows users to share publications of others in their stories, to show those publications as stickers with the name of the user who posted it, to now about another advantage of focusing also on the possibility to participate within the story.

She said Instagram; owned to buy Facebook, in a post on her blog that if one of your friends mention you in the story of its publication, it has become you can watch that story in the your stories you also.

The company added that when he reminds you of someone in your story, then you will receive a notification as a message private Direct Message with that person, to show you the option called add that content to your own story.

Similar to water, which was announced last month, the story you share in your stories will appear as you can change its size and location and destroy it, as you can add text or even other posters.

And when he sees the follow-up to your story that you share, the name of the user owner of the original story will appear, also with the possibility of clicking on them if someone wants to go to your profile.

It should be noted that if someone with a private account with reference to you in the story you can’t share those stories, participation stories tied to public accounts only.

This and the new feature is part of version 48 of the application Instagram, which can be downloaded from the Play Store, and you can also download it as APK standalone of here.

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