“InstaDreamer”.. your car is like the dream of being the end?!

Confirms the inventors wristband “instead of” smart InstaDreamer that art is able to make you conscious enough to in your dreams, and live your fantasies during sleep clearly, according to your desire.

Tracking bracelet smart “instead of” InstaDreamer the case of the sleeper, and his entry into the World Of Dreams, hernia work pulse specific make wearers feel some awareness during a dream, like awake betray his dream with all his sense, which knows its scientists to the net or conscious Lucid Dream, where the owner realizes the dream that he’s Dreaming, and have a high possibility of control in his dream and change the course of events.

And the creators of bracelets dreams smart “instead of” InstaDreamer that art is a safe alternative to galantamine Galantamine, which discovered its ability to stimulate dreams net, and 70% of those who were chosen bracelet have confirmed through their dreams. net conscious by wearing a bracelet.

Successfully funding campaign wristband “instead of” in achieving the target amount of which, on the site of crowdfunding Kickstarter Kickstarter, it is estimated that up bracelet to supporting her by next February, priced at $ 200 approximately (about 3,600 pounds).

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