Inspired by the techniques of NASA.. sports clothing turning your body into a bomb activity

No longer only comfort is the specification of the sports outfit the best, it has entered to the equation another factor important and influential, which is charging the body with more activity and vitality.

The upper hand of technology and the US space NASA NASA, invented a new brand of sportswear, called Chimera Kymira, a sports uniform, collects wasted energy resulting from the activity of the body, such as the heat generated by the body as a result of sports activity, turning it into infrared, it penetrates deep into muscle tissues, to provide more oxygen to the muscles through some changes cellular.

Manufacture sportswear new with “King” KYnergy, which make the tissues of the sports clothes dry quickly from sweat, and the body temperature of athlete’s, no matter what the temperature of the atmosphere surrounding the player.

In addition, it has issued a “chimera” Kymira recently the first T-shirt watching the action of the heart, and the rhythm of his blows to smart devices, laptops, phones, tablets, capturing with accuracy any change of emergency, and influential in the rhythm of the work of the heart, leading to early warning of heart attacks.

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