Innovative technology to improve the feces of humans to fuel

Researchers have developed Israeli new technology, can turn the feces of humans to fuel reusable, in addition to the fertilizer rich in nutrients.

Based on the researchers Ben-Gurion University in Najaf to the process of carbonization hydrothermal Hydrothermal Carbonisation in their innovation, where they are heated human waste in a pressurized container, which converts it into here Hydrocar, i.e. to the mass of fuel vital to the safe and reusable similar to coal.

Deals with this discovery of two of the main challenges in the developing world, which is the safe disposal of wastewater and increasing energy needs, according to the World Health Organization WHO, still 892 billion people in the world defecate in the open, because of the lack of basic sanitation services, the problem of the foci of serious spread of diseases.

While to be human waste is rich in organic nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, containing human waste also contains pollutants small of medication, which can lead to environmental problems if not disposed of or reused properly, which reflects the importance of the new innovation.

Besides, the innovation could provide a source of sustainable energy to millions of people, who are currently dependent on the resources of the more dangerous to the environment such as wood.

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