Innovation technology charge your phone wirelessly laser

Didn’t notice the wireless charging aspirations of the user after, as long as you need to stay next to the charging pad and place the phone on after centimeters, can not believe this charge “wirelessly” true, but this is about to change. Declared engineers of the University of Washington they have developed a technology to recharge wireless range, as the reported paper, the technical to ensure the launch of the invisible laser from the emitter located on one side of the room to the phone on the other side, is achieved by including an energy cell behind the phone to absorb energy transmitted through the laser; according to the research team, the technical equivalent to the use of a USB cable in the shipping. Said Vickers Eyre -one of the members of the group – preference to our technology that they work at ranges much longer than solutions for wireless charging that requires the phone just centimeters, added that the team chose the laser because it focuses a beam of energy, which is more efficient than radio waves to the widespread development of a power transformer capacity is too high to transfer .The amount of charge enough for the phone. In addition, the charging technology of laser has made all the safety precautions are important, and may request the addition of a flat metal plate on the back of the phone to the Kimberley reduces heat transmission caused by shedding the laser to the components of the phone, besides adding a technique related to motion in the vicinity of the laser, and broadcast when you discover someone who thinks his way. Said Eyre: “that the team is looking for improving the scope of shipping and shape of the current model, with regard to the marketing, we are still exploring options”. Source: Digital Trends

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