Information about Google Pixelbook was leaked. Looks like we are still waiting for the imminent announcement

Not so long ago we wrote you about what the next incarnation Pixelbook from Google may be waiting for us soon. If you missed this material, we recommend to subscribe to our page in Yandex.Zen in order not to miss out on all the fun from the world of mobile technology. In any case, it seems that our suspicions were not far from the truth, because in the hands of our colleagues from the portal 9to5Google got a “live” pre-release sample Pixelbook. And we are ready to tell you about what it is.

Looks like we are still waiting for the new Pixelbook very soon

Google Pixelbook. What would it be?

Expected date of announcement of the device to 15 Oct 2019, and there is already almost no doubt. Because creating such a believable-looking “duck” in less than a week before the expected release of the device just makes no sense. Portal 9to5Google has provided a bunch of photos (and this is clearly not prerendered, and the present device in the hands of real people) with whom you can see in the course of this article.

The laptop looks pretty good

Pixelbook Go (and most likely it will be called so) has a rubberized lower part of the body. The body of the album looks like in pink, but with almost 100% probability it can be argued that there will be other color options. It is possible that they will relate to the colors of the upcoming Pixel 4.

The pink color will satisfy not everyone, but certainly there will be other options

The upper part of the notebook has a smooth matte finish, similar to the one that was in a “pixel” on mobile 2 version. Also has 2 USB-C port and a headphone Jack (which is rare today!), as well as a 13.3 inch display. But it would be strange if our hands on new journalists “would have climbed under the hood”. And they did, giving us the complete technical specifications of the model:

  • Processor — Intel Core m3, i5, or i7 processor depending on configuration.
  • 8 or 16 gigabytes of RAM.
  • SSD of 64, 128 or 256 GB to store files.
  • 2 front speakers.
  • A 2-megapixel front camera with a resolution of 1080p running at 60fps.
  • The latest versions of Wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Aspect ratio 16:9 screen with support for Full HD and 4K, and the technology of “Molecular Display”.

Looking at the above characteristics, as well as the appearance of the device, we can expect quite a competitive and productive “monster.” However, until now, unsolved question remains the price. It can both please and surprise, because in recent years the company only doing that increase the cost of their gadgets.

Rubberized case — quite a bold decision

Also this leak forced once again to think that what is — and is not all this well-planned public relations company itself Google? Because such a large company are very much ensure to develop remained in “native walls”. And I believe that in factories assembling gadgets working secretly photograph collected by the device. But when in the hands of the portal gets a full-fledged laptop (even though it was a prototype, what do some of our colleagues) Willy-nilly, begin to build “conspiracy theories”. What do you think?

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