Infographic: how distributed volume of trading cryptocurrencies on different exchanges

The crypto currency exchange can be used not only for the sale and purchase of digital assets. By assessing trading platforms we could obtain very useful data concerning the General situation of the industry. Analysts CryptoCompare took advantage of this opportunity and gathered metrics with the most popular exchanges around the world.

Where to sell Bitcoin

According to the published document, more than 60 percent of all trading volumes of the market are focusing on 10 major stock exchanges. The greatest part is Binance with 10.6 percent of the market. The company is located in Malta, so geographically the region is the “most active” in terms of trading Bitcoin and Althingi. Note that Malta is also another major exchanger OKEx.

Source: Coingape

Second and third place by volumes occupied by Hong Kong and Samoa. It is noteworthy that in recent months, the activity rate in Malta decreased by 9 percent, whereas in Asia, these figures increased at least 3 percent.

Source: Coingape

As of December, the fourth part of the trading volumes of the stock market was couples with Fiat. In 57 percent of them is trading the U.S. dollar.

The proportion of futures trading increased from 22 percent in November to 28 percent in December. The volume of BitMEX futures rose by 17.7 percent in November, whereas the CBOE and CME are the only 2.88 percent of all trades on futures.

Source: Coingape

Finally, analysts told about the situation with stablename. Despite the emergence of new coins of this type, most of trading pairs (65 percent) falls on the USDT. It seems that investors and traders have more trust in proven solutions rather than new projects.

Top 3 exchanges represent Binance, OKEx and ZB. Bitfinex, Kraken and Bitstamp scored the most stable trades in December — the volume of transactions on these marketplaces remained at the same level.


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