Infographic explains the interface and the background of the inside of the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

It took the process of developing the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold years, it’s a device very complicated. Thanks to the design is the usual, read the specifications contained on the table is not the best way to describe the phone. For example, there are two cameras set separate.

Says the illustration below a solid job of describing the features of the phone Galaxy Fold when folded and when stretched out. When folded, the thickness of the phone is 17 mm at the voltage where the hinges 15.5 mm at the other end. However, the magic happens when you open the phone Galaxy Fold, when you do, you get on the screen of the Dynamic AMOLED display with a diameter of 7.3 inches with the technical support +HDR10 knowing that he can open up to three apps on this screen at the same time.

That’s not all, the phone Galaxy Fold supports 4G technology and eSIM also includes the outlet slide NanoSIM, as well as sensor fingerprints, and many other techniques. Moreover, the phone Galaxy Fold lets you take great pictures too, it has the same rear camera triple used in the phone +Galaxy S10.

Galaxy Fold


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