Industrial designers assert that white candy that creates its HomePod will get a quick solution

Apple HomePod 2

One of the problems that have been observed shortly after the launch of the smart speaker Apple HomePod is the fact that it leaves a white ring on the wood surfaces. And tell Apple that this is due to the oils from the Silicon which reacts with the wood. Since then, the firm advised Apple customers to avoid speaker mode smart HomePod on these surfaces.

However, you could say Apple fix this problem in future versions? We assume that it is possible to do so, it has clarified many of the specialist designers that the Fix for this problem should not be very difficult. After their talk with the website Business Insider, many designers presented their thoughts and opinions about this issue, they explained that it should not be this problem is too big and it is possible that Apple fixes this problem in the next batch of units Apple HomePod.

According to the source Cesar Viramontes at Y Studios, it was announced by saying : ” it’s a problem, but I think it would be the most likely problem will be corrected in the next round of the manufacturing process. I think it would be a simple problem, and perhaps people forget that in the next two months when they disappear. “

Gregor Berkowitz, who works as an IT consultant for product development for various brands adds that the re-equipment of the manufacturing process should not take long, and can take between two weeks to six weeks. Hard to know whether Apple plans to address this problem, but for those who bought smart speaker Apple HomePod, don’t worry because there are accessories designed to help prevent those spots from appearing on the wooden furniture of their own.


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