Indian billionaire criticized Apple for greed

Transfer the new iPad Pro on the standard USB-C instead of Lightning in General, was greeted quite positively. Professional audience of users who are willing to buy a tablet, could not get enough of this decision, mentally going through all the accessories and devices that can be connected via a universal connector. But for some consumers the news about changing the standards was not so happy, what did not fail to claim Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra.

According to the billionaire, he bought a new iPad Pro and was extremely disappointed with the appearance of the USB-C connector, which he now cannot charge the tablet using the usual Lightning cable, which he uses to charge his iPhone. “Now I need more stuff (meaning charging cables and adapters — approx. when I travel. A great strategy to increase sales of accessories,” says Mahindra.

Adapter — new business

Reducing the number of connectors on the frame of the MacBook, the use of different standards for iPhone and iPad — obviously, all this is done for profit, says Mahindra. Because of this consumers are forced to buy not only the device itself but also a bunch of adapters to it to have a chance to use it. It is not surprising that most people continue to ignore the recent news of the company, concluded the entrepreneur.

Lightning or USB C

It is obvious that USB-C is more promising and universal connector than Lightning, and Apple sooner or later would need to make this castle. Here only all this could be done more elegantly and quickly, not giving the users the impression that they are trying to make. But that’s how it looked: first, you need an adapter to make any functional your MacBook 12”, and then you can’t connect without additional adapter your iPhone to the new MacBook, and then Lightning becomes useless for charging an iPad. What is this if not an attempt to extract from the consumer more money?

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