India will collect a DNA database of its citizens in the blockchain

Last month the government of Andhra Pradesh announced a partnership with German company working in genomics and precision medicine, Shivom. With its help, like they do in Dubai and Estonia, hoping to create a database that will help to improve medical services and will allow to reveal diseases at their early stages of development. Why is it important for South Asia? Because local communities typically under-represented on the DNA database, and the risk of diseases often associated with the ancestors. The lack of information on the South Asian population may play a bad role in determining the risk of cancer in humans, even at the other end of the world.

The announcement of the future database appeared just at the time when actively developing a massive national biometric data base of India. Created at the end of the decade, the program “Aadhaar” hopes to use biometric data just like in Russia using data on social insurance, helping the government to monitor rural and poor population, which escapes the attention of the government, and to provide the best services and subsidies. Still managed to register more than one billion Indians, but concerns about the security of their data and how their misuse is actively inflated. It was reported even that the biometric data you can buy in the WhatsApp chat. Others are concerned that the database is used to monitor all aspects of Indian life.

Under the government of Andhra Pradesh on the creation of a DNA database started in 2016 as a way of tracking criminals. Many countries keep a database of arrested people. In China, however, attempts to create such a database is faced with the criticism of privacy violations, worsening the situation of vulnerable citizens and fuzzy use.

In India, the joining the database will be voluntary, researchers and governments, will allow you to buy or get access to raw geneticheskim data stored in the blockchain in the cloud. Perhaps with the use of innovative way of storing data safely on the blockchain, the idea of creating a national DNA database would find wide support and implementation in India.

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