India is demanding Google and Apple to delete the app TikTok because of the pornographic content

Demanded that the Ministry of Information Technology, Indian companies Google and Apple to remove application TikTok watch the video of stores of their applications due to the publication of illegal content once.

Held a Indian court of inquiry about the application that has become very popular recently and has millions of users in India and a lot of them under legal age, and determined the outcome of the investigation indicates that the content of the application promotes the porn content illegal.

This is the second time where the application of the mentioned mixers lawsuit, after the imposition of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission fine of $ 5.7 million due to violation of policies protecting children from porn.

It is estimated that TikTok has 120 million users in India alone, and will not be affected by these request deletion of stores, only it will be affected by the new users and owners of iPhone just Android users they can download it from external sources.

The most notable influence would be on the reputation of the app where to connect it to issues and differences of legal and permissive will allows it to expand and grow larger in the future.

Recall that TikTok was deleted more than 6 billion videos from the platform for violating the standards of use of the guidance community. Here it is illustrated that the application is already suffering from the prevalence of infringing content for any reason and you have to exert more effort to remove it from your home.

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