India follow the European Union opens an investigation with Google because of the friction in the Android

الهند تلحق الاتحاد الأوروبي وتفتتح تحقيقًا مع قوقل بسبب الاحتكار في أندرويد

The competition authority initiated an Indian an investigation against Google because of its practice of occupying that play with the Android operating system that is similar to the European Union last year, comes this investigation after nearly a year of research body for irregularities towards the company which ended the decision to open the investigation.

As reported by Reuters published the news, the details are not extensive at the present time due to non-declaration of the government of India publicly on the subject, but it seems that things will be similar to what happened between Google and the European Union.

The European Union has imposed a fine of$ 5 million on Google because of its practice of occupying in Android; due to pre installed apps which cannot be deleted such as the Chrome browser and YouTube is what made the company decide to grant the users of the organization greater freedom in this subject in turn will fine the companies phones the$ 40 for each device sold there.

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