India detained the organizers of cryptocurrency pyramid that stole $ 2.6 million

Last week the South Korean authorities closed the financial pyramid, the organizers of which have collected $ 20 million on ICO. The company has worked with 2015 and promised investors high interest rates from investing in Bitcoin. Now Indian police arrested two of the organizers tiered financial scheme, which collected $ 2.6 million 5 thousand depositors. This writes the CCN.

How to invest in bitcoin and not lose everything

According to the investigation, criminals have created a Ponzi scheme.

An example of the method. The company issues ious with a promise for each subfolder of a thousand dollars to return 1.5 thousand dollars.

The only difference from the original was that the attackers had offered to invest in the cryptocurrency.

Fundraising has been the company called Bitmineplus that worked in 2012. The company also promised investors additional 5% referral income for attraction of new investors, say police.

Their main idea was to create a multi-level marketing scheme using bitcoins. People were given monthly payments and additional income for the scaling of the diagram.

In order to attract investors, Bitmineplus arranged receptions and parties in expensive hotels. In the end, the founders ran away with the money but police managed to detain them.

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