Incredible apps the Google Play that promise to update the Android system !

With the spread of the news of the launch of a new version of Android, such as preview version Android Q, you may looking a few user experience for a way to improve the Android system to enjoy the new features, which is well known to many developers who publish their apps are useless, claiming that they can provide the”update Android 9″ or an earlier version.

Funny that the apps don’t remember the update to the Android platform to 10 (Android Q), only to Android 9 (Android Pie) or an earlier version, which refers to the targeted persons who are not insiders, who heard such as “awesome feature in the Android Pie”.

As you can see in pictures, a lot of these apps have not been launched yet, what prevents its developer button View “early delivery” when you browse them at Google Play, which is what the user makes Rube thinks he’s going to record early versions of the Android rule, the box, tricking the user request evaluated with five stars, and show data reports to the system upgrade inside the app, other than the truth.

Of course, do not download such applications, as the evaluations show, the best case scenario that displays some ads and then tells you of the failure analysis, or that it had managed to download unlike the truth, the worst-case scenario may include the installed application software of the malicious interpretation you should try to use or steal data private.

Download Android version latest usually takes a few months, even a year and more, to begin to circulate to the general users, but if some devices which became its launch date is older than two years do not usually get the update at all. Phone manufacturers can push updates to the Android system, and even check the availability of the latest update of the system, you should see within the Settings app pre-installed on your phone on the option of update software.

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