Increased uptake of tablets Storage SSD dramatically in 2019


Long, long ago. control the storage drive hard HDD as a basic unit to store information on personal computers using turntables covered with a magnetic material, however, everything changes in this world of technology accelerated too, and it looks like it’s only a matter of time before you become a SSD is the amplitude of the fundamental of computers.

The latest reports confirm that the rate of penetration of SSD market will increase from 60% in the current year is 2019, and that having reached this technique is based on NAND flash prices favorable to consumers. Prices for memory with a capacity of 512GB is becoming acceptable to consumers and decreased the prices of 1TB to nearly $ 120, which will encourage more consumers to purchase and thus the production of more units. The proportion of sales volumes to the SSD from the company, Adata has increased to 29.87% in May and is the highest increase since November 2016,

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