Increase the end quality| Yahoo buys GeoCities for $ 3.$ 6 million Compaq beats IBM

On this day, 28 January 1999, bought the search engine Yahoo Yahoo! The company “guess” GeoCities for $ 3.65 billion, in a deal that reflected the importance of the “guests” and its popularity as one of the early web hosting services on the internet, which has provided free hosting service and other paid features of the top.

He began to “guess” GeoCities in the delivery of its services in 1994, and acquired it Yahoo, but they shut it down in 2009, at the time of the service was “guess” targeting the 38 million pages at least, and announced that Yahoo! That the reason for the closure is to alleviate expenses and service other hosting I have, however, still a branch of the “guests” of Japan’s working normally, but it offers its services only to the Japanese, it is estimated that Yahoo! Select on 22 March to close it is to the other!

On this day, January 28, 1998, the preferred stores Radio Shack Radio Shack cooperation with the company Compaq Computer Compaq rather than IBM to sell computers Compaq in its stores, which numbered more than 7 thousand stores in that time, has Compaq for many years know of its organs exclusively at Radio Shack.

After 6 years of this history, IBM sold the computer department to Lenovo China and Lenovo in exchange for a share of stock in the new company valued at $ 1.75 million.

As of January 28, 1986, will have a bad memory, where the burst of the Challenger Space Shuttle Challenger after takeoff, killing all members of his crew, consisting of 7 astronauts.

The crash of the Challenger space shuttle to tear by the dynamic force of the attack, which led to the ignition of the external fuel tank.

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