Increase the end quality| virus “Anna Kournikova” waiting for the first spacecraft landing on an asteroid

Falls on February 12, the anniversary of landing the first spacecraft on an asteroid. In 2001, he finished the space probe robot “yoke Shoemaker” NEAR Shoemaker mission by landing on an asteroid “433 is” 433 Eros near the earth, to shatter, after his success at the entry to the close orbit of the asteroid, and collect important data about.

Designed Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University lander for the US space agency “NASA” NASA, with the aim of collecting data on the characteristics and nature of the asteroid “is” Eros, including its chemical composition and topography of its minerals and the distribution of mass interior and its magnetic, in addition to studying how the rotation of the asteroid around itself, and its interactions with the solar wind, and we thank him Geological.

Happened the same day, February 12, 2001, the spread of a computer virus, “Anna Kournikova” via e-mail messages, and may carry the virus is the name of Russian tennis player, spread via messages for e-mail (e-mail) with a copy to the player.

Written code malicious software a German teenager named “Jean de Witt,” began to spread from the Netherlands, in the form of an email with a file attachment called “Anna Kournikova”, and then download the file and open it, spreading malicious software, from the type of Visual Basic script, to fit itself inside the victim’s PC and sends itself to all who are registered in the program Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook.

Because of this virus, was the trial of De Witt, and lock him up 4 years, with a fine of more than $ 41 thousand, has been the ability of the court loss of the virus by about 166 thousand dollars, has completed the trial by undergoing de Witt community service for 150 hours.

On February 12, 1877, the Alexander Graham Bell’s first phone call of the far-reaching, between the cities of Boston and Salem in Massachusetts, USA.

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