Increase the end quality| version of the programming language “Java” and the last contact with Pioneer 10 beyond the limits of the solar system

On this day, 23 January 1996, was the version of the programming language “Java” Java, which has become a programming language ideal for web applications, thanks to the ability of the software made it to work on any platform and within any environment “Write once, run anywhere”, and thus, the wider popularity of the internet, the Greater also the popularity of the programming language “Java” and spread its use.

And created the Java language in 1992, by James Gosling, during his work at Sun Microsystems Sun Microsystems, such as the development of the language C, to use as the brains of the user in the operation of the devices applied to Smart, such as interactive television, and today, the company owns the Oracle, famous in the field of databases, and Sun Microsystems itself.

The January 23, 2003, will have a memory of the last successful communication with the spacecraft “Pioneer 10” Pioneer 10, which was the first body of human beings out beyond the limits of the solar system, targeted the star Aldebaran Aldebaran in the constellation Taurus the Taurus, which is about 68 light-years almost.

Launched the “Pioneer 10” on 3 March 1972, was the first spacecraft to twice the perimeter of the planet Jupiter in December 1973, and conducted scientific investigations distinctive in the outer regions of our solar system until the end of its mission on 31 March 1997, where it crossed the asteroid belt and arrived to the buyer to pick the first photo close to her, has happened to kill the power to the transmitter on board which is at a distance of 12 billion kilometers from Earth.

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