Increase the end quality| version of PCs Macs and patented microwave Voyager 2 flying around Uranus

On this day, January 24, 1984, the company launched the Apple computer Apple computer Mac Macintosh, at a conference in front of 3 thousand people.

While Apple computer Lisa Apple Lisa is the first computer commercial with a graphical GUI, the McIntosh pushed the right way graphical to heights not reached one yet, despite not achieving Macs for the success of a business in relation to devices dos Microsoft DOS and Windows, but he pushed the computing industry as a whole forward, which is still so today.

On January 24, 1950, was issued a patent a microwave oven, which carried the name of its inventor Percy prowler Spencer, under the title “method of processing food”.

5 years ago from this date, he discovered Spencer’s a coincidence the force inherent in the energy of a microwave to heat food, when melted bar of chocolate in his pocket during his experiences on the tube wave of the microwave, the Spencer device axially in the kitchen, although his work in the development of radar systems.

On 24 January 1986, the probe Voyager 2 (Voyager 2) the investigation about the planet Uranus, where the record discover 10 moons not discovered before.

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