Increase the end quality| the first phone call and the first flight transcontinental opportunity landing on Mars

On this day, January 25, 1915, opened the Alexander Graham Bell Telephone Service transcontinental in the United States of America, when he made a call from New York with Thomas Watson in San Francisco, has been engaged U.S. President Woodrow Wilson and mayors in the two cities is also on the call.

Alexander Graham Bell (1847 – 1922) is the inventor of Scot death, credited with recording the first patent for the invention of the telephone landline or the phone, has been behind the creation of the company, telephone and Telegraph of America.

On 25 January 1959, was the first commercial flight transcontinental, on board a Boeing 707 of America, which flew from Los Angeles to New York.

On 25 January 2004, landed a vehicle opportunity Opportunity on the surface of Mars, which is the second spacecraft unmanned NASA NASA are sent to Mars, as part of a program to explore the Red Planet.

Landed opportunity on Mars on a mission to search for water on the surface of the planet and study his rocks and left him, has already a probe Spirit Spirit probe opportunity about 3 weeks, and succeeded in landing on the other side of Mars.

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