Increase the end quality| shipping the first airmail letters and the first choice for television broadcasting via cable

On 18 February of 1911, is connected to first letters by airmail officially, where he took French Henry Peacock transfer-6500-mail message of joy, of Allahabad in British India to N, at a distance of 10 kilometres.

On 18 February 1946, has been the experience of the first transmission for television broadcasting successfully through the cable, where the transfer of television signals from Washington, D.C. to New York City via coaxial cable a company AT&T American.

It happened almost 40 years ago from the date on which many believe that cable TV was invented!

On 18 February of 1977, the spacecraft “Enterprise” Enterprise first flight, which hung in the upper part of the Boeing 747 (jumbo), which is the first flight of between 5 trips done by the “Enterprise” before its launch into space.

Run the test program throughout the 9 months, until November 1977, in the annex to the Dryden Flight Research, with a view to test the ability of the orbiter on the flight and landing as an aircraft, has become the enterprise first space shuttle flying.

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