Increase the end quality| recording Domaine “Twitter” production car “back to the future” and begin the journey of their business

On this day, January 21, 2000, was recorded the site name (domain Domain) “Twitter.Pile” on the internet, but this date is not the beginning of the location of tweets and social networking world-famous “Twitter” Twitter, it has bought a company Twitter domain in 2006, and began its platform in action as we know it today.

On 21 January 1976, I began to plane the Concorde famous in providing its service business, with the tracks of the London – Bahrain and Paris – Rio de Janeiro, was the Concorde is the only commercial airliner supersonic, and could travel between New York and London in 3.5 hours.

Heard a plane the Concorde in service for 27 years until her retirement on 26 November 2003.

Associated on January 21, 1981, the anniversary of the production sports car the “DeLorean” DeLorean DMC-12’s iconic in Northern Ireland, a car that was central to the series of movies “back to the future” Back to the Future, and played through the car the role of a time machine.

Although the car did not offer the innovative technology significantly, but it became known as a symbol of high technology in the late twentieth century.

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