Increase the end quality| press the internet blow up the scandal, “Monica Lewinsky” and the computer discovers new planets

Order anniversary on January 17 a number of events technology, in this day, 17 January 1996, announced the two researchers Americans in astronomy and Space Science, Paul Butler, our March, for their discovery planet two New through the use of the computer.

Announced the researchers, in front of the American Astronomical Society AAS, use their technical computer non-traditional in the analysis of the movement of the stars, and after this achievement, he became the Butler and Marcy known as “hunters planets most successful in the world.”

The January 17, 1998, entitled Memory of the scandal or the incident that attracted attention and highlighted on the press the internet emerging at the time, it is the story of the relationship between U.S. President Bill Clinton and intern White House Monica Lewinsky.

And blew the judges died, done published the proceedings on its website, The Drudge Report, superior to traditional media, which began overnight at the loss of their power in favor of sources of news on the internet.

On 17 January 1984, the court ruled the U.S. Supreme Court that the special use for the video VCR in recording television programs for later viewing, in the region without displaying the year, does not violate the copyright laws of the federal, this government has increased the sales of the video devices health in an unprecedented way.

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