Increase the end quality| Lumières choose two center establishing company Apollo computer

Marks Day 13 February anniversary of the invention of the Lumière brothers machine film projector “Center” Cinematograph, one of the oldest devices to display Motion Pictures, which became know Films Film.

On this day in 1895, the smile, the brothers Lumiere center, to begin their journey card for the film industry, users of the device Center as a camera and a movie, where it was the center one of the first devices “all in one” all-in-one, which is the term that describes the center before we know, for example, HP printer all-in-one (printer + scanner + fax + camera) 100 a year.

On 13 February 1980, was the founding of the company “Apollo computer” Apollo Computer, Chelmsford, California, which became the largest factory for young people in the period between 1980 to 1987, then was acquired by the company “Hewlett-Packard” HP in a deal worth 476 million dollars, in 1989.

HP’s use a lot of Technologies Apollo in the HP Series 9000, a series of computers, networks, servers, and gradually, thereby abated the reputation of “Apollo” as a brand and replaced by the HP owners, that has been closed Apollo final in 1997.

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