Increase the end quality| loss of the millions of”Apple” the first flight of the air gap and the beginning of the use of the emergency number 911

Wearing on January 12, a number of tech events as possible, in this day of 1968, announced the telecommunications company of America AT&T customized for the phone number 911 as the universal emergency, who can seek help and solace in the case of crimes, fires, injuries and accidents.

And still the number 911 used in many countries of the world, other than the United States of America, is the emergency number in the states like to, Ethiopia, Liberia, Kenya, and South Pole (Antarctic), Iraq, Jordan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and request assistance in cases of fires in Uganda, and asked the police in Zambia and Thailand, it is also the number you can get to the list requesting help in different emergency situations in China.

On 12 January 1970, the Boeing 747, which is known as the jumbo jet Jumbo Jet, its maiden voyage, the first passenger aircraft with a body wide, the first to use the concept of the double corridor, the first aircraft used engines violent chopper high bypass high bypass turbofan engines.

The fuel tank in the jumbo jet Boeing 747 for about 184 thousand liters of fuel, enough to fly a distance of 9,300 kilometres, over 550 passengers on board.

On 12 January 1996, the company announced the Apple computer Apple Computer for the loss of $ 68 million in the first quarter of this year, it also announced a plan to restructure the company to reduce staff by about a thousand employees, it has led to the resignation of CEO Michael Spindler, to replace the generation file, which decided to buy the company “Nexen” NeXT from Steve Jobs, was developed for the Mac OS X operating system in addition to the return of jobs to the CEO position of the company.

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