Increase the end quality| generator “video games” Wikipedia apply online

On this day, January 15, 1968, the offer Ralph Baer applied for a patent for a gaming system a television he designed, which is an innovation produced in the end your “Magnavox Odyssey” Magnavox Odyssey, the first gaming device home video.

Think Ralph Baer serves as the parent for the video game industry, an innovative many of the video games products, like the electronic game “Simon” SIMON, Bayer is the inventor and developer of games and engineer a German, born March 8, 1922 and departed from this world on 6 December 2014.

On this day, 15 January 2001, launched the Encyclopedia free content Wikipedia Wikipedia on the internet, an encyclopedia, which is still free until today, and did not accept its founders, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, and any offers to turn it into a platform for commercial gain.

The Wikipedia today be language, including Arabic, Persian, the dialect of Egyptian colloquial, description of their arrangement on the website the same way Alexa to rank 5 in the list of the most popular sites in the world, and increases the number of registered users on Wikipedia about 79 million users, the number of active users in editing the content of Encyclopedia of 300 thousand users.

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