Increase the end quality| generator Cinema Display is the first film in the world at the Grand Cafe in Paris

On December 28, 1895, it was presented the first film in the world at the salon Indian in the Grand Café in the French capital Paris. It’s the birthday of cinema!

On this day, been running a new Innovation, “Center”, one of the oldest devices to display Motion Pictures in history, which is swallowed by the brothers Lumière, the presentation was attended by 33 people, pay each of them FRF, and a width of 10 movies each for a period of 50 seconds.

It was the theme of the first film in this historic show is the adventure of a lifetime working for the Lumière in Lyon, either on foot or by bicycle or car, the movie was filmed specially for the occasion.

Brothers Lumière, Auguste and Louis Lumière, are the lab guys, a French, know creating them for the camera Film Festival and the show “the center”, and the last was the source of the word cinema, which we still use her even now, and left Louis Lumière on June 6, 1948, then a trip Auguste on April 10, 1954.

Recall that the city of Alexandria in Egypt was one of the first cities that received the mission Lumière for the film, which was sent by Lumière to view his new invention to people for the collection of money for its development, the mission has already started, on 8 March 1897, the export of some of the strips first in the city, including the field of bombs and some tram stops, famous, has already been organizing film screenings in Alexandria in one place between the stock exchange Toson Teatro Alhambra.

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