Increase the end quality| Compaq paid $ 9.6 million to buy DEC launch probe “Ranger 3” to the study of the moon

On this day, 26 January 1998, the company bought Compaq Computer Compaq Computer Digital Equipment Corporation Digital Equipment Corporation DEC for 9.6 billion dollars!

Company was DEC one of the leading companies and in the field of computers in the period between the Sixties and eighties, and unfortunately, as some of the other companies, did not respond to the rapid changes in the computer market, which ultimately led to the sale of all of the company’s business units. After the completion of this transaction, the merged Compaq with HP.

On 26 January 1983, the company issued the Lotus change Lotus Software “Lotus 1-2-3” (Lotus 1-2-3) for the IBM PC.

Not the program “Lotus” the first program to manage spreadsheets, and software that is Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel is the best known now, already lost everyone program, VisiCalc as the first spreadsheet, but the developers of VisiCalc, they didn’t register a patent to invent them to protect it.

By the end of 1983, miss sales “Lotus” on VisiCalc, and two years later acquired the “lotus” on the origins of VisiCalc, and appointed its developers as consultants to the company.

On January 26, 1962, was launched space probe “Ranger 3” (Ranger 3) in order to study the moon, it has been designed to transfer images of the lunar surface to earth stations during a period of 10 minutes of Investigation about the moon, but a succession of failures led to the dispersion of the probe away from the moon at a distance of 35 thousand kilometres, and to the orbits of the planets.

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