Increase the end quality| began selling one of the most important computers in history: the Altair 8800

Visit today.. December 19, 1974, began selling one of the most important computers in history! Yes, although the Altair 8800 (Altair) was not similar to personal computers as we know them today, but it was the first spark in the revolution of the microcomputer.

After 8800, which is named relative to the star flying eagle Altair in the constellation of punishment, is a microcomputer depends on the Intel processor, the Intel 8080, was developed by company MITS, specialized in systems for precise measurement and telemetry, and a computer operated by a set of keys and results in a picture of lighting LED lamps, the sale of body parts is priced at 395 USD or ready to add $ 100 to the price.

Inspired the Altair 8800 the first generation of entrepreneurs who founded the personal computer industry, so after his appearance on the cover of the magazine “Popular Electronics” Popular Electronics in January 1975, the company has sold 5 thousand units of the Altair 8800 by August of the same year.

Raised device the Altair 8800 the attention of the two young men Bill Gates and Paul Allen, founders of Microsoft Microsoft, which has proved the possibility of the presence of small computers can be used in homes, has written the gates because the programming language BASIC, and BASIC for your the Altair Altair, which is a programming language that was behind the founding of the company by Microsoft.

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