“INBair O2”.. the brain mediated by the health safe cheap

Did you know that the reason the President in the feeling also and is a low percentage of oxygen in the vicinity of your work and your knowledge, at what time your body thinks his brain for oxygen to get 90% of his energy. Now, try your INBair O2, and stop the excessive consumption of harmful to Coffee, that won’t inhibit your activity what you think!

And INBair O2 is a portable device, functions as a plant to generate pure oxygen, while the oxygen content of the ideal for humans is 21%, which is found only in the forests and gardens of dense vegetation, the device INBair O2 up by the oxygen in its surroundings to 40%, which invigorates the mind and memory and activity of the body.

And INBair O2 easy to carry at any place, where you can navigate between home and office, it also can be used inside the car, where battery operated 12 volts, it can be connected to the car charger, which is no noise and almost the course of his work, with the Toyota smart to switch off after 30 minutes of work.

And the headset attached to it, is placed around the neck, to provide atmosphere of oxygen around you, and filter powerful Purifier oxygen to the nth degree, whether from pollutants or harmful bacteria.

And successfully a campaign funding device oxygen INBair O2 in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, the company began shipment of the device to his supporters in the month of July last, it seems the price of the device fact 592 $ (10,500 Egyptian pounds approximately).

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