In XRP is better than BTC? A statement of the technical Director Ripple

Release cryptocurrency of large corporations is becoming commonplace for the industry of digital assets. Recently, even Facebook has announced about working on their own crypto currency GlobalCoin. In Yahoo Finance has even managed to write about how the giant social network “will destroy the XRP”. An article published on Twitter — eventually she caught the eye of the chief technology Director of Ripple’s David Schwartz.

The publication quoted a Bitcoinexpert max Kaiser, who argues that stablon Facebook will eliminate the need for hundreds of altcoins, including XRP. In turn, he urged to prepare for the Apocalypse of altcoins. Is David Schwartz gave the following response.

I like when XRP opinions of those who obviously does not quite understand the essence of XRP. It’s just Bitcoin maximalistswho think that the only important Bitcoin.

His message provoked a debate with cryptocurrency enthusiast Noreen Syrah. He demanded from Schwartz to recognize the ripple exclusive (permissioned) system. We will remind, earlier the representative of the Ripple rejected this assertion. According to Syrah, validators choose who will get the list of UNL (Unique Node List). And if user is not in any UNL, he “didn’t mean anything to validators”.

Response Schwarz was.

I don’t quite understand what does this question to the General structure of the system. It will work regardless of these lists. Try to consider this in the context of mining. Only here you are not compensated and cannot censor transactions. Why is it important what anyone else is doing or not doing in this moment?

He further noted the only issue that users can solve public statements, that the formation of the order valid transaction received approximately at the same time. According to him, about this issue, no one cares until transaction is not much, and it worked fine.

In the Bitcoin network this problem daily spent millions of dollars. And the project of the largest cryptocurrencies are able to provide only a mediocre finish and a mediocre centrosoyus. While we were able to achieve the best results — including resistance to censorship — absolutely free.

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