In Win Z-Tower is an extremely unusual case, the price that you yourself are unlikely to pose a

How many of you when buying a new desktop PC bother with the case selection? I worked in a computer store for several years and I can say that even people with a good budget often save on the case, believing that to pay for the box more than 30-40 dollars is too much.

I wonder what would they say, knowing the price of the housing In Win Z-Tower? Just look at it.

Yes, the taste and color markers are different, so some of this miracle may seem lurid conglomeration of shapes, but in my opinion looks very cool.

The case is completely aluminum, and some structural elements are manufactured by casting process under pressure. Despite the material, the case weighs 42 lbs! Something tells me that not every gamer will be able at least to raise such a corps, not to mention the fact that its somewhere to move.

The dimensions of this design are 740 x 720 x 400 mm. As you can see, this enclosure is open. It allows you to set the motherboard up to E-ATX, and video length up to 340 mm and CPU cooler height up to 170 mm. And for the drives there are only two places.

In Win Z-Tower will be released very limited edition, each case is serial number. The price that was presented at Computex — $ 5,000.

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