In these cases, Facebook prohibits the use of Direct broadcast

Did Facebook turn feature a live broadcast for a specific period of time users if you have violated some of the guidelines of the community, this step comes in response to the massacre of the mosque that occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand in March, where gunmen opened fire on the 50 victims.

This resolution will restrict persons who have violated certain rules on the Facebook including products of dangerous individuals, from the use of Facebook Live” so wrote Guy Rosen, vice president of Facebook integrity.

What are the offences that prevent live streaming to Facebook

البث المباشر للفيس بوك تم منعه للمستخدمين في حالات معينةLive streaming to Facebook has been blocked to users in certain situations

Is not included a comprehensive list of crimes that will be prevented the live broadcast to Facebook for a user, only that the examples used all relate to the distribution of the content linked to is relevant to terrorism, it’s part of the attack of the two-fold against broadcasting the news event and the promotion of terrorist groups, as previously announced, the Facebook invests $ 7.5 million in research to develop better technology to detect video content.

How to Facebook blocked historical users who violate the rules of the statute as a whole, but its new policy seeks to establish rules to prevent people from direct service specifically.

Wrote one of the officials of Facebook: “today we are tightening the rules which apply in particular to Live”, “we’re now the policy of” one hit “on a live broadcast in relation to a wide range of crimes, from now on, we will restrict any person who violates the context of our most dangerous to use Live for a specific time, for example 30 days, starting from the violation first, for example, will now be banning anyone who shared a link to a statement from the terrorist group from using Live for a specific period of time”.

He added that the user is banned from live broadcasting to Facebook in the coming weeks will be restricted also from other services on the platform, such as creating ads, it is worth mentioning that Facebook managed to delete the 1.5 million loading process, and the Prohibition of 1.2 million before the live broadcast to home video the massacre of the mosque in New Zealand which has raised a huge controversy, driving him to take such strict measures.

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