In the US, the authorities began to force to unlock iPhone with Face ID

High reliability, which provides an interface Face ID, the risks to break the power of state coercion. As reported this week, the American TV channel CNBC, the country has started to develop the practice of Alasania citizens suspected or accused of committing crimes to remove the lock from their iPhone in the interests of the investigation. Previously, the compulsion for such action was recognized as a violation of privacy of users.

The first person ordered to undergo the compulsory procedure of iPhone unlocking using face, was Michael Cohen, a former lawyer for Donald trump. According to CNBC, it happened last year. The judge addressed the FBI issued a warrant that allowed law enforcement to compel Cohen to the active or passive action to unlock the smartphone, which could contain important information that subsequently influenced the recognition of Cohen’s guilt.

A legal way to circumvent the protection of Face ID and Touch ID

Interesting fact: the judge who issued the warrant, had used the words “active or passive action” to take into account the functional features of all iPhone. So, if it turned out that Cohen owns an iPhone with Touch ID, he would have been obliged to put your finger on the scanner, then how to unlock the phone with a person he would not have to do even that.

But, despite the fact that now Touch ID and Face ID does not guarantee absolute protection, this rule does not apply to password. Because of the peculiarities of criminal law of the United States and many other countries, the protective combination is a special knowledge of the accused about his crime, and its disclosure is equivalent to testimony against himself. In this regard, law enforcement agencies can’t require you to enter a password to unlock your iPhone.

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