In the United States will launch a radio show about Bitcoin

Over the last six months Bitcoin is increasingly appearing in the headlines of prominent news publications, and TV shows. Since July, residents of New England in the U.S. will be able to listen to a weekly radio programme, Cryptomania, according to Bitcoin. The program will be aired every Saturday on Boston FM.

News about Bitcoin now and on the radio

Boston is located on the FM frequency of 104.9. The radio is available to residents of Boston, new Hampshire and other cities in Massachusetts. A podcast about cryptocurrency launched the New England Blockchain (NEB) LLC. The show will be called “Kleptomania – Bitcoin and beyond”.

The idea of the show came up with Dana McIntyre, founder of NEB. She will be leading Cryptomania, along with his assistant, Jameson Trust. The main goal of the podcast is to tell people in a simple and playful form about the benefits of blockchain technology.

Lead first radio show on the crypt in America is a great honor for us. We strive to provide our listeners with all the latest news and useful information about technology.

Listen to Cryptomania in any corner of the world on the website The show airs every Saturday at 9:30 us Eastern time (EST). In the NEB also stated that the doors of the radio station open to all comers of cryptoendoliths who are willing to tell the audience interesting facts about the cryptocurrency.

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