In the United States to launch drone delivery of products

The usual appearance of delivery of goods more goes into using drones instead of people-couriers. And recently a major us retailer Kroger in conjunction with the company Nuro set out to change and delivery of food. The new service has already begun its work.

To begin with a few words about the participants of the project. Kroger is one of the largest American supermarket chains, founded in 1883. Turnover Kroger is second only to the well-known Wal-Mart. Nuro is – is startup which is going to use a small robotic delivery van for delivery of goods. And initially focus specifically on the delivery of products to the Nuro was not going planning to be a diversified company. The van Nuro has a cab with windshield and several compartments for products. Located on the roof of lidar sensors and camera for orientation in space.

Buying and ordering of goods is carried out in a special Annex. Then the user comes to the car, the cabin which the testing service will be the operator to take control in the event of an emergency. After a test time of need, the operator will not be. After the order is delivered, the customer must enter on the panel the car received a code that will give access to the desired compartment. At the moment, the only unknown is the cost of shipping products this way, and final commissioning. The rest of the project looks extremely interesting and promising.

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