In the United States develop an analogue CryptoKitties for baseball

Major League baseball (MLB) wants to expand its fan base through the blockchain. On Friday, representatives of the League announced a partnership with startup Lucid Sight from Los Angeles. The organization plans to run dApp-game Ethereum. It is reported by Coindesk.

The first game on the blockchain

The principle of operation of Crypto MLB Baseball is very similar to CryptoKitties. According to the Vice-President of MLB, CryptoKitties had a considerable influence on the development of its own dApp League.

We have already negotiated with Lucid Sight during release CryptoKitties. The success of this game has added confidence in our plans.

To start the game, the user must purchase the correct number of coins Ethereum and transfer them to the purse MetaMask. Then the app will be able to buy and sell digital avatars about key moments of the latest games in baseball.

This season the number of fans of the MLB fallen. The organization hopes that Crypto Baseball will attract new admirers of the game.

It’s 100 percent one of the strategic goals of the entire venture. Collecting things related to your team and cooperation with the new sports events. For example, the Red Sox won the game division for a couple of months, I want to buy something that will symbolize this victory. The game will depend on what is happening in the real world. Digital Souvenirs will leave the memory of the team, even if you were not present at the stadium.

Co-founder of Lucid Sight Octavio Herrera admitted that he expects the game to attract not only those associated with cryptomnesia.

Running the application will happen in several stages. So Yes, for version with Air need MetaMask, and this creates a certain barrier of entry for some users. But I think people will use Coinbase for easy transfer of funds to the wallet.

Professional athletes not the first time experimenting with crypt and bloccano. NBA basketball team Sacramento Kings in June, has said it will create Ethereum for charity.


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