In the UK testing the AI, which calculates to criminal violations of the law

In 2002 he published based on the work of Philip K. dick movie, “minority report”. It told about a future where a special system to predict crimes before they commit and prevent them that way. Then the systems based on artificial intelligence nobody even thought about it, but today with the advancement of technology the motion picture the start of zero no longer seems a fantasy. Moreover, the police in the UK launched a project in which the AI will do approximately the same as in the movie “minority report” to identify offenders before they break the law.

As reported by New Scientist, the new system is called NDAS — National Data Analytics Solution. She for its operation uses the information of local and national police databases. Ian Donnelly, head of the project, said that they collected more terabytes of data from these systems, including data about crimes committed and information on about 5 million people.

NDAS 1400 has the characteristics that can help identify someone who may potentially commit a crime. According to these parameters, the people in the database are marked with the algorithm of the system as prone to violent acts and will receive a “risk assessment”, indicating that their chances of committing serious crime in the future.

Police Department West Midlands (County in the West of England) already uses this project in test mode and will apply until March 2019. The project is planned to connect 8 other police departments in the UK. Head of project Ian Donnelly stated the following:

“We are not planning to arrest anyone before they commit a crime, we want to use the system as a “consultant” in order to be ready for anything. Recently there has been a reduction in police funding, so something like NDAS can help to optimize the process.”

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