In the UK has created a bike for mining cryptocurrency

In March Fundstrat analysts estimatethat the profit from mining cryptocurrencies exceeds the cost of only 6 percent. This situation makes mining cryptocurrency is not the most profitable occupation. However, ways to make money on the production of coins still there. The British company Toba created the world’s first bike which produces cryptocurrency while driving. About it write “news”.

How to mine cryptocurrency

Earn cryptocurrency with the bike almost as difficult as to do it with devices for mining. To get $ 26, the owner of the vehicle you drive about 1.6 thousand kilometers.

The bike is 2,25 thousands of dollars (about 135 thousand). How is the mining is not reported. Most likely, in a vehicle built-in Dynamo, which generates energy for the device with a small capacity.

At the same time to mine Bitcoin or broadcasting using led-mining will not work — the owners Toba for the kilometers traveled to get its own cryptocurrency company, which can then be exchanged for discounts and bonuses from partners. Date of commencement of the supply of bicycles is not disclosed.

It seems to us the usual PR stunt to promote the company. Looks good.

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