In the quiet.. Apple launches a channel on YouTube under the name “Apple TV”

In a calm, Apple launched its Apple channel on YouTube different videos for “Apple TV” Apple TV, which displayed the videos without ads.

Did you know Apple launched the channel YouTube “Apple TV”, despite its launch on 12 of this month, which attracted so far 10,700 almost common, while the channel Apple on YouTube 8.6 million subscribers almost!

Rejected Apple on the channel “Apple t in the” about 55 videos so far, included the ads for the movies to come, and videos for Cole Wynton movies, and personal interviews, has closed the apple of the comments on the videos, what has been explained by the fact that Apple is not willing to listen to any criticism on the YouTube platform.

Come channel a few months before the launch of the “Apple t in the Plus” Apple TV+, the new streaming service on the internet that will be the content of authentic movies, and have Apple’s exclusive right to her, it seems certain that Apple will for the content of “Apple t in the plus” on her channel on YouTube mainly.

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