In the new AirPods — the power of two for iPhone 4 and something from HomePod

Two years ago Apple redefined wireless headphones, calling them AirPods. It was so serious that, Apple even designed their own processor which is responsible for pairing, the processing of the control gestures and the ability to work synchronously in pairs. In the second generation to these challenges is added the function of understanding voice commands. But has anyone thought what the performance must have here are naushnikov processors?

The same question was asked by an expert in the field of sound Brian Rommel. He found out that the processor H1 which Apple AirPods equipped with the second generation, the level of computing power is able to argue with the A4 processor installed in iPhone 4. In this case, if the smartphone was equipped with only one such chip, the new AirPods can boast two, one for each earphone, which together allows them to be called twice more powerful device than the iPhone 4.

Processor 2 AirPods

But performance is not the most important aspect of the new headphones, says Rommel. According to him, 2 AirPods equipped with much more advanced microphones than in the first generation. They were set to headphones better recognize voice commands. These microphones have high sensitivity and are able to hear its owner even in terms of external noise. A similar system of microphones installed in the HomePod.

New AirPods

Apple released the AirPods 2 yesterday, just adding them to the assortment of its online store. The novelty has kept the price of the previous generation, but in Russia and even became cheaper, and also received an additional modification with a complete case with support for wireless charging at a price 17 000 rubles. If desired, users can buy a hard case and the original AirPods, as they are fully compatible. Its price is 6590 rubles.

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