In the middle of their second.. “Samsung” review the technology of its smart iot

Reviewed Samsung Electronics, yesterday during the middle of its second Middle East and North Africa, its vision of the concept of open innovation and collaboration aimed to create clever experiments and a series and more connected will simplify and enhance the lives of customers. The company revealed about its future strategy aimed at tests entreated by the Internet of things (IoT)through the development and integration of technologies, smart things and artificial intelligence to unify and connect all Samsung devices connected in the home.

In addition to its commitment to strengthening all organs and techniques of the Internet of things(IoT) by 2020, the company announced that all categories of its devices will become smart also. It is through the integration of voice assistant Bixby across a selection of devices the smart home, the company is working to develop its own approach to promoting the concept of intelligence ad hoc across a range of devices to make tasks of daily life more easily and smoothly.

The company was reviewed during the Forum a range of its new products, including television QLED new and innovative بدقة8K size of 85 inches, a washing machine and a QuickDrive™ related, and Galaxy A8 smartphone . In addition to its product lineup the new, Samsung showcased how to integrate a platform for smart things SmartThings across all of its devices to connect seamlessly all the devices under the platform is a simple one, managed by one cloud scattered all over the place, and can be accessed through the application global one.

According to a press release, said she animal Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Egypt: “the primary motive to include the element of innovation in all of our products stems from the desire of our ongoing analysis of concepts into reality. He has made the techniques of Internet of things(IoT) development notes the last few years–and here comes our role as a leader in the field of innovation to contribute to accelerating the adoption of consumers to these alternatives from the advantages that it provides. Include our reviews that we have provided today use cases the district did not face the technologies of the Internet of things to customers and how their integration is seamless with the methods of their daily lives”.

I added : ” and through promoting techniques and the Internet of things with more smart features, we aim to make the use of smart devices is in a more simple way what enriches life and Customer Experience. Which will help us to take steps more towards achieving our vision of building a connected world fully consistent with intelligence and privacy”.

Held Samsung in the middle of this year its annual programme of induction which allows the audience to experience their new products. He briefed the guests during the exhibition about the latest products and innovations of Samsung for the year 2018.

Entertainment experience enhanced and smooth with a QLED

Revealed Samsung’s plans to provide seamless connectivity and integrated together to form its new Smart TVs. Through a set of experiments related to that are comfort, simplicity and safety, it will become your TV as a control panel basic connection and the real center of the organization.

It is through introducing new innovations, is a television QLED strictly 8K the beginning of a new era for TV with the first technique of artificial intelligence at the level of the world to enhance the viewing experience of the final enabling Samsung customers interact with the TV smoothly. Using Artificial Intelligence Technology in the television QLED new feature of machine learning to improve the content treated precision automatically to the featured content بدقة8K with the quality of the display Super. And through other features such as Enhanced participation details, reduce noise and adjust sound settings automatically, and enhances the Samsung TV new viewing experience and upgrade any type of content from any source to high-quality image بدقة8K .

Reinforced Samsung also its range of Smart TVs with SmartThings that allows users to communicate and interact with the TV like a natural extension of my home. With the advantages provided by this organization, become a devices Samsung Smart TV as a control panel core full system hardware, allowing users to manage and follow all of their devices connected via the TV’s innovative and fits their lifestyle the modern.

In addition, the company offered at the Forum the speaker of the new NW700 Soundbar Sound+, which enhances the complementarity of experience in home-based leisure can users an immersive viewing experience of the content shown to the side of the listening experience unique. And to provide this device with speakers Built-in voice and other features such as noise cancellation, sound speakers, wide range, all within a slim design deep completely the space allotted for home entertainment, as technology NW700 to improve the sound quality in an integrated manner.Also supports audio amplifier three audio modes, including standard mode, mode surround, which expands the performance of the surround sound, and Smart Mode, which automatically adjusts volume levels and surround sound effects. Users can through these situations and customize the experience their to enjoy the experience of home entertainment. advanced series download and.

Redefine the standards of life related with latest home appliances

It was during the middle of the Samsung Middle East and North Africa 2018 detection of a wide range of special appliances which includes innovations unique allows users to live smoothly in the house is connected to and enhances the experiences of the Internet of things smart.

For the first time in the region, Samsung has launched a washing machine QuickDrive™ enabled Internet of things, which allow users to start and stop and follow a cycle from their own devices connected to the other. And the new washer on the assistant Laundry smartphone from Samsung, which uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to provide tips automatic patrol of the wash perfect.

It uses the air conditioner Wind-Free™ from Samsung, the cooling system The first of its kind that works to reduce energy consumption dramatically, can be controlled remotely thanks to the technology of wireless connectivity that it needs.

Finally, make Samsung technologies the Internet of things smarter through refrigerators, a representative of the Family Hub, characterized by the functions of process and quality performance besides providing them with voice recognition Voice ID to provide customized information to members of the family, each according to his priorities and the things his favorite.

Promote technology with smart features

Reviewed Samsung through the middle of the Middle East and North Africa, an integrated system of products designed to simplify the experience of use. Come personal devices at the heart of these technologies which provide genuine integration between communication techniques and the characteristics of the smart technology of my smart stuff and plugin voice Bixby to create a style of intelligent life and experiences of a series connection and innovative.

Featuring the latest lineup of Samsung phones Galaxy smartphone range of advanced features along with enhanced functionality to help voice Bixby. The company was reviewed during the Forum, the latest phones like Galaxy Note8 Galaxy S8 and the new Galaxy A8, who launched in January 2018, and the phone revolutionized the smartphone category average of area because it contains means a great average and reasonable.

Reviewed the company has also during the Forum the latest platform, its own system of mobile devices is platform CUEالمخصصة to provide digital content and services entertainment multi-media company’s First World-which has been launched specially for the customers in the Middle East and North Africa.Enable platform CUEمن Samsung customers enjoy access unprecedented to a comprehensive portfolio of entertainment offerings and customized including the music and the tones. Customers now have unlimited access to the extensive library of the latest songs and music clips and playlists in addition to thousands of the ringtones for a wide range of magazines, regional and local – all of that became available between the hands of the customer according to the mechanism of the purchase smooth and comfortable.

And the Samsung devices enhanced with smart things SmartThings on plot convenience, which is characterized by the technology of wearable devices to a new level of excellence by allowing users to control their device, connected via many devices and cutting-edge wearable. The expansion of the Samsung devices connected to other devices such as camera Gear 360 and virtual reality glasses Gear VR and DeX-where it works its umbrella platform SmartThings, a revolutionary technology that connects all devices with the tiniest things so see a single platform simple, are managed through a single cloud is omnipresent, and can be accessed through the application global one.

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