In the Leningrad region will create a Technopark for mining

In September, the Governor of Leningrad region invited those wishing to produce cryptocurrency on the territory of the LNPP-1. The reason is the gradual completion of the construction of the second station, which will replace the first. Data center for Asimov is not yet built, but promise to create an industrial Park for mining.

Mining in Russia will live

The news was shared by the Governor Alexander Drozdenko at the Russian investment forum, reports RIA. Wait for the Technopark is to 2020-2021 year. By that time, the staff will withdraw the Leningrad NPP from operation and free the area.

Now the first unit operation in test mode. They want to unleash before the end of the year. And next year, probably gradually introduce the first unit. We do not go beyond some horizon, it 2020-2021 year.

The project of industrial Park has been approved by the government of Leningrad region and “Rosatom”. The authorities complain about the lack of legislative base that would allow us to get a crypt on an industrial scale.

You need to start mining? Cheap electricity, cooling system and a reliable system of electricity transmission. All in the shops of the nuclear power station there. Another thing is that there are two problems that delay the implementation of this project. First, we need to wait for in the shops of the nuclear plant will be dismantled the equipment. Second – we are in serious negotiations with the Russian government, we need a particular regulatory framework that would allow us to produce a Bitcoin to engage in mining and so on. Because today, as I say, we are mining there in Russia, but the garage. And I would like a serious, industrial level.

Today, Leningrad NPP — the largest power producer in the North-West of Russia, which accounts for about 50 percent of electricity in the region. Start of operation of new units of Leningrad NPP-2 will maintain the current electricity production.

Mining on an industrial scale in Russia is already there. See videos and photos of giant farms from Moscow here.

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