In the Ledger resumed support after Cash Bitcoin hard forks coins

Nearly a week after hard forks of Bitcoin hardware wallet Cash Ledger resumed support for the cryptocurrency. Earlier, the developers of the Ledger decided to suspend transactions BCH due to concerns about the division of the blockchain coins on two fork. The fears proved unfounded — Bitcoin Cash is really divided on Bitcoin and Bitcoin ABC SV.

Bitcoin Cash available again in the Ledger

Holders BCH warned about the break beforehand, and the suspension was held on 14 November just a day to hard forks. Note that at that time the developers of Bitcoin Cash is not taken care of protection against attack double play, which could cause confusion and “potentially unwanted” transaction. During suspension support althena through the Ledger it was impossible to send the BCH.

Today, the company finally announced the completion of a pause in the service. An official statement published in the Ledger account on Twitter.

Support Bitcoin Cash is returned under the form of a Cash Bitcoin ABC. We also provide you full support in the process of getting their coins Bitcoin SV. We recommend you to get the coins of the second fork before making any transactions BCH.

The programmers also added that BCHSV is not yet supported with Ledger Live. The company advises its clients first to use the Electron Splash to get their coins Bitcoin SV. If they do this before making the transaction, you can lose BCHSV due to the potential attack double play.

We will remind, earlier this month IOTA Foundation has announced its plans for integration of the token in the Ledger wallets. Now holders of IOTA will be able to protect their private keys in a separate device that isolates tokens from potential hacker attacks from computers or smartphones.


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